Mr. BHS Contest Raises Money For MDA

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Tyler Gay wins the title of Mr. Bentonville High School.

Fourteen of Bentonville High School’s finest competed Thursday night for Mr. BHS.

Contestants were Tyler Sangwin, Dallas Hardison, Duncan Balch, Chris Scroggins, Brandon Beach, Savoy Santiago, Desmond Smith, Andrew Tunnell, Dalton Healey, Luke Crenshaw, Tyler Gay, Drew Seal, Bo Weber and Justin Caylor.

From old school hip hop, to hit songs, their talent impressed the crowd.

“They’re really good singers and one of them was in the top choir at Washington while he went there Washington Junior High,” says Hannah Gibson, Miss Bentonville High School.

And for those who didn’t sing, performed. Contestants competed in formal wear, question and answer, and talent. But the fun was for everyone even the audience.

“They have no shame which makes for a really awesome show,” adds Gibson.

And even though this might not look the quarterback for the football team,

Dallas Hardison was Sandra Dee in the classic movie Grease, which made his father proud.

“They spent a bit of time doing this, you would think that it would just become a joke to them but, I don’t think it is , they’ve worked really hard they go in on Sunday they actually went in on the Super bowl on Sunday.”

Tickets were $5 and the proceeds go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.