Roller Derby Bout to Benefit Babies Born With Heart Defects

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A roller derby team in Poteau will hold a benefit Saturday, Feb. 11, to raise money for two LeFlore County babies born with heart defects.

The Sisterhood of Steel hit the rink in Poteau for practice on Thursday. Saturday they will play for Liala Dunigan and Liam Lyon. “We’re hoping to raise a lot of money for these babies,” said Emily Goodrich, a blocker, “They’re local. They both have heart conditions and we just saw an opportunity to help and jumped on it.”

Liala and Liam both received heart transplants. Liam had another surgery in Boston this week. Thursday night 5NEWS spoke with Liam’s parents and sister, Cheyenne, via Skype. “Liam is actually doing a whole lot better than what they had expected,” said Whitney Lyon, Liam’s mom.

Whitney says she is thankful for the support back home and across the globe. “That’s what keeps me going through the day and keeps me going, they know how to lift me up whenever I’m having a bad day,” said Whitney.

The Sisterhood of Steel promises a good show Saturday with hitting and fast skating. Brave fans get to sit on the rink. “That’s called our suicide seating,” said Goodrich, “It’s kind of a sit at your own risk type deal. We don’t like kids under 12 to sit there because you could be accidentally assaulted by a flying roller girl.”

The Sisterhood of Steel started skating together two years ago. The coach says players range in skill level. Saturday they will skate together for a common cause. “We’re gonna try to get every dime we can,” said Goodrich, “These people need our help and we’re also gonna provide a good show.”

Doors open at 10:30 a.m., the bout begins at 11 a.m. at Skate Reation, 201 Hughes Drive in Poteau. Tickets are $10 and on sale at Skate Reation, Poteau Chamber of Commerce, The Clip Joint, Elite Homes, 701 Corp or from any member of the Sisterhood of Steel.