Police: Siloam Springs Teen Threatens School Shooting on Twitter

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A 16-year-old Siloam Springs High School student was arrested Thursday morning after she allegedly made a violent threat against the school on Twitter.

Police say a 16-year-old Siloam Springs student posted this on her Twitter account.

“I’m about to reenact Columbine at Siloam Springs High School.”

The teenager was located at her home and taken into custody on a charge of felony Terroristic Threatening about an hour after the alleged threat was made. She was taken to the juvenile detention center in Bentonville.

“I was scared to go to school but, at the same time I thought it was fake so, I just ignored it,” says a Siloam Springs High School student.

She later tweeted:

“JK, (meaning just kidding) about the Columbine, guys...."

But police say once the first tweet was made it was considered a threat.

“Anything that is posted to the internet whether it`s Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site once you put it there, it’s there you can take it away a few minutes later but, it`s too late, once it’s out there, people take screen shots, save it and then pass it around,” says Corporal Chris Salley, School Resource Officer.

Classes continued throughout the day but there was extra security at the high school and throughout the area.

The teenager then posted on her twitter account.

“It was a complete joke and even some of you though it was funny. I gave some people the homerun to get me in trouble.”

“May I just say that you all know me.  I`m a happy go lucky kid and would never ever ever ever think about something like that.”

Some students say, school shooting threats shouldn't be taken lightly.

“That type of stuff shouldn't be played around with because a lot of people could take it seriously and it gets a lot of parents scared and especially the students .”

“That`s not something you play around with.”

Police do not believe anyone else was involved in the threat.