Own the Queen Anne Mansion

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EUREKA SPRINGS - The historic Queen Anne Mansion in Eureka Springs has been a tourist destination for the last two years.

But now it's being turned into a place where you can own a piece of the action, and live like a king or queen.

“They are proposing a co-ownership plan to keep the house as beautiful as it is today. It's a shared ownership,” said Elizabeth Kikoen, on-site manager for the Queen Anne.

So they're on the lookout for a certain type of investor.

One who would like a very nice place to stay while in Eureka Springs, with an eye on preserving the history of the Queen Anne.

Think of it as a high-class way to share ownership in a dream home come true.

Kikoen describes the initial offering, “It would be 12 shares to start, but the total will be 60. It'll be a service rich experience like a luxury hotel but you will actually own part of the Queen Anne.”

It's a nice combination of the way things used to be with the amenities that people expect these days.

According to Kikoen, “The property has evolved into an estate. In the home next door we're making a private spa upstairs for the owners. There will be a full functioning kitchen for dinner parties. They are also planning on using the courtyard for community events to make sure the public can still have access to the property.”

If you are interested in getting more information you need to head to OwntheQueenAnne.com