Pinterest Interest: Dryer Nets, Strawberry Cutting, and Cell Phone Sounds

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There's possibly no sound more annoying than shoes in your dryer.  No matter where you go in your home, there's no escaping the infernal clunking.  Well check this out from Pinterest:

I'm repinning this, because I broke my dryer when I tossed in my nikes. Awesome way to keep those darn shoes from clunking around your dryer.

Another surprise “I should’ve known that moment” comes from egg slicers.

It turns out, you can use a simple egg slicer to cut open strawberries.  This is a simple solution to any fruit cutting dilemma you may be facing.

How about this,  we all want our phone speakers to be louder, but not all of us can afford expensive sound systems.  A simple solution is putting your phone in a glass, this amplifies the sound coming from the glass, so you can hear music from your iPhone or .mp3 player easily.  Don't believe me?  Try it for yourself.

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