Teen Cowboy Wins World Championship Title

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A 14-year-old cowboy from Fort Smith is the fastest in the world shooting targets from his horse.

Zane Chunn is known as 'Top Gun Chunn,' but he now has a new title; world champion. Chunn says he began riding horses when he was just 5-years-old. In 2009, he says he discovered mounted shooting.

“I've always liked John Wayne and stuff, and Westerns, so it was just natural," says Chunn.

Chunn recently won first and second place in the American Quarter Horse Association Cowboy Mounted World Championship Show at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on March 3.

"I qualified on two different horses, so I got to ride on both and finish first and second, and so that was really exciting," says Chunn.

The goal is to run a pattern around barrels and shoot 10 balloons with two different Colt 45 guns in the shortest amount of time. Chunn says there are time penalties for missing balloons, not following the pattern,or losing a gun.

Chunn and Little Costa Latta hit every target in 12.6 seconds for the win. On his second run with BH Snoop Dog, Chunn’s time was 13.198 seconds.

"You have to be very versatile,” says Chunn, “You have to have some patterns where you can just run up there and turn and some of them where you have to run up there and slow down, so you have to really have a good handle on your horse."

Chunn says his competitions take him across the nation, so he now does homeschooling. He says he spends several days during the week training with his horses on the family ranch near Poteau.

"It's very challenging to get them to where you can trust them especially with a rifle," says Chunn.

On a men’s competitive level ranked one to six, Chunn is a level five, making him the youngest cowboy in history to be ranked so high.

"It's a fun sport,” says Chunn, “It's definitely worth trying if you like horses, or guns, or both.  It's just definitely something that you would want to try."

As he continues to reload, you expect this cowboy will only get better with time.

Along with his new title, Chunn won trophies, belt buckles, and world champion jackets.