Reward Offered in Huntington Truck Theft


A Huntington man is offering a substantial reward for anyone who can help him recover his stolen truck.

The owner of a Red 1998 Chevy 4×4 says his vehicle was stolen from his shop in Huntington, sometime in the night on Saturday March 31.

Now he has posted a craigslist ad, offering his own reward for anyone who can help him find the thief who took it.

The owner says the truck is a Red,4×4, regular cab, with a long bed.  The truck was last seen with an Oklahoma License Plate that read 597HRC.

The owner is offering $200 for anyone who can tell him where the truck is now.  He’s also offering $500 for anyone who can tell him who stole it, and $1,000 to anyone who can help convict the thief who took the truck.

If you have information and would like to call the vehicle’s owner you can call (479) 459-9698

The Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the theft.  If you have any information to assist them in their investigation you’re asked to call River Valley Crimestoppers at (479) 78-CRIME.

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