5NEWS Fit: Students Train For Basketball Tryouts

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Monday we're playing a little basketball at the Arkansas Athletes Outreach Sports Center in Fayetteville for our 5NEWS Fit. It's where middle school students are training going that extra mile to make sure they make their school teams.

For these students, basketball is fun, but now, they're focused. They're getting ready for school tryouts, working with trainers at the Arkansas Athletes Outreach Sports Center in Fayetteville.

"It helps me because it gets me ready for the tryouts,” one student says. “And they teach me things and they sit me down and talk to me about what to do at the tryouts."

"It makes a pretty big difference because they are a big influence on you,” another student says. “And also like when you're shooting they tell you what you need to fix and all the little details that you need to fix and it makes a big difference on the long run."

Trainers here help students with shooting, dribbling, and all the fundamentals. Trainer Oscar Sealy says sometimes students develop bad habits that need to be corrected.

"The biggest challenge for me is getting in their mind that you're doing this wrong,” says Sealy. “They think that they're doing it right because they think that that’s the way LeBron James does it. So they think they've got to do it that way too."

Trainers say they're not just building physical skills, but confidence, which they say is the biggest key to success at a tryout.

"They come in here and they feel like they've gotten better,” Sealy says. “That gives them confidence for their tryout they go into the tryout confident and make that team and that's pretty much what we're trying to do."

Tiffanie Williams says it’s made a big difference with her son Braeden. And training gives him something he can't get by practicing at home.

"I don’t think that kids listen to their parents like they listen to a trainer,” Williams says. “They may still know the same things but I think it comes they just listen better and they pay more attention and they learn better."

Students here agree, and say they're more than ready for tryouts.

"I think I can do this because they're helping me out and they're teaching me how to do it,” One student says. “So I know what to do when I get there."

Any student can take lessons at the Arkansas Athletes Outreach Sports Center. They train athletes of all ages.