Movie Lounge to Open in Fort Smith

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A new cinema and restaurant will open its doors in Fort Smith on Friday. Movie Lounge staff participated in a trial run Wednesday night.

“I think they can expect to be wowed,” said Dwight Curry, co-owner, “We’ve been very very excited about the way the project came together.”

A Circuit City once occupied the building. Now it houses theaters, a screening room, dining area, and event space. People can have dinner, see a movie, and eat while they watch.

Guests will not see the same flicks showing at regular theaters. Curry said, “Art films, film classics, we can do film series.”

Curry says they hired between 80 and 100 staff members.

Executive Chef Will Greenwood comes from Washington, D.C. He says guests can expect food they will recognize with a twist, like seafood macaroni and cheese or crab hush puppies. “We’re using 100-percent fresh ingredients and doing everything in house,” said Greenwood.

The staff is working hard to prepare for Friday’s premier. “We’re trying out the food,” said Curry, “We’re trying out the service and just trying to get everything together.”

Friday night people can check out The Artist or Resurrection County. The second movie was filmed in Arkansas.

The dining room and main lounge will open in May.

The Movie Lounge is located at 7601 Rogers Avenue. For more information, visit