Pinterest Interest: Geeked Out Pins

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Just because you’re a Geek doesn’t mean you don’t belong on Pinterest.  While the new social networking site Pinterest has plenty of sections for fashion, home decorating, and cooking there are also sections that appeal to the modern nerd.  The “Geek” section of Pinterest also has quite a few useful Pins in it.

A great example of this was an article on when the best time to book a flight is.  Analysts found you will book a cheaper flight if you by on Tuesday’s at 2 p.m. (Central Time).  You can also save flight money by booking early morning flights.  Wednesday’s are also the cheapest days to fly on.  See the full Pin by clicking here.

Next, if your laptop battery always fails you there are 10 simple tips to avoiding charging issues in this pin.  The tips include not using your laptop on your bed.  The fabric causes the fans to have to work harder to keep the laptop cool, causing more power to be used.  Another helpful attachment the pin mentioned was a cooling pad.  The article also mentions that viruses could be to blame for poor battery life.

Finally, there’s no arguing that the CBS Show “The Big Bang Theory” is taking America by storm.  Sheldon Cooper has found his way into nearly every American household, and the show’s humor never ceases to entertain.  You may not know it, but not only is Sheldon Cooper clever and funny, he’s also very efficient at folding clothes thanks to a special device.

It’s called the FlipFold.  You can find it on the Home Shopping Network for around $30.  The device allows you to fold shirts and pants quickly and efficiently.  Not only are the clothes always neat, they are also very compact and good for tight spaces.  While, it may seem ridiculous to need a device to fold clothes, when you factor in lots of kids and lots of clothes, the FlipFold may be the perfect solution to getting through laundry faster.  At the least, its a way to say you fold your clothes, “The Big Bang Theory Way”.  Click here to checkout the pin.

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