911 Call from Pregnant Woman’s Murder Released

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Fort Smith police released a 911 call made moments after a pregnant mother is allegedly stabbed in the chest.

911: “911 where is your emergency?”

Caller: “Corner of South 9th and B.”

The caller notified a dispatcher about a car crash, just blocks from the Fort Smith Police Department Tuesday afternoon.

911: “What’s going on?”

Caller: “Someone hit a…what looks like a telephone poll.”

Police say the driver, Celestia Duffin, 32, got out and ran to the police department. Officers confirm she collapsed in the lobby after an apparent stab wound in the chest.

Investigators say Duffin was about 27 to 28 weeks pregnant. Mom and baby died at a local hospital.

911: “Is anybody hurt?”

Caller: “Uhhh…looks like it, yeah.”

The caller does not mention Duffin, but talks about her husband.

Caller: “He’s sitting down on the, on the side walk with his head between his knees. Don’t like he’s bleeding or anything.”

Officers say Duffin’s husband, James Herring, 34, was on the scene when they arrived. Investigators found a knife in the car they believe was used in the stabbing. Police arrested Herring.

Herring now faces two capital murder charges. He pled not guilty to both counts Thursday morning.