Long Addresses Rumors

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University of Arkansas Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Jeff Long issued a statement Friday on rumors that he could be leaving for Stanford.

“Although I do not consider it appropriate to discuss the personnel searches of other universities or colleges, I feel it’s important to address recent speculation about me and the athletics director position at another prestigious institution. Although I can’t be responsible for what others are saying or thinking, I do know that I am not interested in leaving the University of Arkansas. My interest and commitment continues to be providing leadership to the University of Arkansas and to Razorback athletics at this critical time in our program’s history.”

Several sports media outlets had reported that Long was a candidate for the athletic director position at Stanford.

When Chancellor Gearhart heard the news he texted Long immediately. He says Long told him he hadn’t heard anything from Stanford, and says Long confirmed his commitment to the university.

According to Gearhart, Long commands respect from chancellors and university presidents around the country. He feels this won't be the last time Long is on a university's list.

Chancellor Gearhart also says he believes Long's heart is in Arkansas. His daughter will even be attending the university this fall.

Long brings home $450,000 annually with incentives that can pay an additional $450,000. His contract runs through June 2015.