Vendors Stock Up, Prepare for Thousands at Wakarusa

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Just days before the annual Wakarusa music festival volunteers and staff are busy preparing for thousands of people.

“For about two weeks now there’s a small crew that builds a small city out here,” said Brett Mosiman, Wakarusa director.

The annual music festival kicks off Thursday. “Every time I come I hear music I’ve never heard before and it’s great,” said Bob Robinson, of Fort Smith.

Robinson volunteered his time this week in exchange for a free festival ticket.

About 150 artists will play on five different stages, four days straight. “There’s music 24 hours a day, so you don’t have to worry about sleeping,” said Robinson, “You know you just stay up all night.”

A semi-truck full of Red Bull, Gatorade, and water is ready to go.

Organizers hired private security to patrol the festival. “There’s about 250 I think security to keep everybody happy and safe,” said Mosiman. Arkansas State Police will assist the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department for the event.

Approximately 18,000 people live in Franklin County. Organizers expect Wakarusa to pull in an additional 20,000, more than doubling the population of the county.

Wakarusa will last through Sunday.

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