Couple Weds at Local Hospital

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Desiree and Tim had the date set. They were planning to get married Wednesday in the mountains of Tennessee. But then Tim's health took a turn for the worse. He wound up at Sparks Regional Medical Center in Fort Smith last week, complaining of heart complications.

After running tests, doctors told Tim he needed triple bypass surgery within the week. Desiree waited by his bed, knowing Tim would be too weak for the wedding they had planned. 

Doctors proceeded with Tim's surgery last Wednesday. For the past week he's been recovering in his room at the hospital.

But when Tim woke up Wednesday morning, he said the wedding was still on. That gave the hospital staff just a few hours to throw together a wedding. They whipped up a wedding cake, got Desiree into a long, white dress, and watched as she walked down the aisle Wednesday afternoon.

After saying 'I do,' Tim and Desiree celebrated with a cup of red punch, and a piece of white wedding cake. Doctors then gave Tim the okay to go home with his new wife. Minutes later, they left Sparks Regional Medical Center hand in hand.