Wolfe Sues Arkansas Democratic Party

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The candidate who squared off against President Barack Obama in the Arkansas Primary is suing the state Democratic Party.

Tennessee attorney John Wolfe snagged 42 percent of the vote this month. He says the party took his $2,500 filing fee, but won't award him delegates to the upcoming national convention.

A party official said Wolfe didn't fill out two of the three required forms. 5NEWS managing editor Larry Henry talked to Wolfe on Skype about why he is suing.

“They took the money,” Wolfe said. “They told the Secretary of State to put my name on the ballot. They didn't have to have a primary. They chose to. They chose to tell the Secretary of State to put me on the ballot, and now that President Obama didn't do so well, they want to give him 100 percent of all the delegates when John Wolfe is entitled to 42 percent of them because of the 68,000 votes I got.”

Henry asked Wolfe if he’d take a refund.

“With all due respect, Mr. Henry, I just do not want the money,” he said. “I want the people to be represented and that's why we filed suit

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