New Singing Cowboy Uses Music to Educate Kids

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Saddle up, kids of all ages,  for a ride with ''The New Singing Cowboy.'' 

Marshall Mitchell is his name and helping kids learn through music is his game.  Marshall says he started small, writing songs in his own home that reinforced life lessons.

“Well actually, I had kids… I decided they needed a little more instruction than usual, so I took it upon myself as Dad to write the songs, tell the stories, and try to educate them through fun,” said Marhall.

We caught up with Marshall at a recent performance at Crystal Bridges.  He decided to take his act on the road, to build bridges with schools in Northwest Arkansas.

His act is designed to show children that learning can be a fun ride all they have to do is latch on.

Marshall says the kids may look cute, but it's not always an easy sell.

“Toughest crowd you'll ever play. In a club if you miss a couple of words and forget a few words they'll let you have it every time.”

The Marshall plan is to get the kids laughing and having so much fun they don't even realize they're learning.

He's taking the lessons learned in school and home, and reinforcing them through music.

“Hopefully I'm doing what Mom and Dad are doing at the house,” said Marshall, “but as the singing cowboy I’m coming from the blind side. I'm having fun and we're talking about not playing with fire, good decision bad decision. Hopefully it sinks in and they go home and say Mom we're not supposed to play with fire.’’

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