Mobile Home Near Chester Destroyed By Fire

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A family's mobile home was destroyed Wednesday afternoon after a grass fire sparked near Chester in Crawford County.

Firefighters were dispatched to the address at Squeeze By Lane around 3:30 p.m. A dispatcher said what started as a brush fire spread to a tree line and eventually the mobile home.

The homeowners tried to put out the blaze, but because the weather is so dry, it quickly spread to a tree, which fell over on the house and caught it on fire.

"Apparently the kids smelled smoke and went outside and then they seen the grass was on fire and they tried to put it out, and it just kept spreading," said homeowner Tiffany Romine. "There was nothing they could really do and it caught the tree on fire by our house and the tree fell onto our house then destroyed the house."

About two acres burned, according to a firefighter on the scene. Romine says her three sons were home at the time of the fire. No injuries were reported.

Family members say their home was hit by the tornado that hit the Chester area in March. They say they finished improvements just three weeks ago.

The family has asked for help from the Red Cross. They also take in stray dogs and say they are looking for homes for the dogs they've helped.

"The kids...that's all that matters and all our animals are pretty much ok, so that's all that matters to us," Romine says.

Crews are digging a fire line around the property so the fire won't rekindle and spread.

"We put a dozer line around it to contain it now it's just a matter of mopping it up," said James Jones of the Arkansas Forestry Commission. "As you know, it takes the
smallest spark to start it all over again."