JOE’S BLOG: Recap Of June 2012 Heat

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The end of June brought blistering heat to our area where daily record-setting temperatures were common. All-time record June heat was also tied in both Fort Smith and Fayetteville.

Here are the numbers:

The average temperature in Fayetteville for June was 75.7 which was 2.8 degrees above average for the month. The highest temperature for the month came on June 27th and 28th at 101. The 101 degree high tied the all-time record high for the month of June.

Fort Smith had an average temperature of 82.6 which was 4.8 degrees above normal. The hottest temperatures of the month came on the 27th and 29th when the mercury soared to 106, which also tied a all-time June record high. 

With the record-setting heat of last summer still fresh in our minds, let’s compare June 2011 to June 2012. Even with the widespread triple digit heat at the end of June 2012, last June was much hotter than this June.

June 2011 was the hottest June on record in Fort Smith (record only go back to 1882). June 2012 is tied for the 8th hottest June on record. The average temperature this June was 2.4 degrees cooler than June 2011. Fayetteville also saw a hotter June 2011 when the average temperature was 2.9 degrees hotter than June 2012.

There are some difference between June 2011 and 2012. Fort Smith saw temperatures at or above 90 every day during June 2011 compared to 26 days in June 2012. Last June saw temperatures at or over 90 for 20 days in Fayetteville and only 11 days over 90 during June 2012.

Although we didn’t see as many days on 90 this June, we saw more highs at and above 100 this June compared to last June. 8 days in Fort Smith ad 4 days in Fayetteville the temperature climbed over 100 in June 2012. This is compared to 5 days in Fort Smith and 0 days in Fayetteville during June 2011. 

As we dig deeper into the number we see one reason for the difference is, believe it or not, we received more rain this June in both NWA and the River Valley compared to June 2011.

Rain totals are as follows: June 2012 Fort Smith 1.57″, Fayetteville 2.29″ as compared to June 2011 Fort Smith 0.44″ and 0.97″ in Fayetteville.

Looking forward, with the 3 month rain totals remaining well below average, the heat will continue and drought conditions will persist. This will no doubt lead to well above average temperatures until we can get substantial rain. The only hope for a widespread soaking rain during the hot summer month will only come from a tropical system.