Pinterest Interest: Fireworks Alternatives

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Several people are planning special Fourth of July festivities despite burn bans in the area.  Of course the show must go on, and while many kids are disappointed they cannot shoot off fireworks this year there are some great alternatives to fireworks.

Check out this "Pin" we found on Social Networking Site   This pin is a list of alternatives to fireworks.  These alternatives include confetti, which is also brightly covered and fun, or even laser light shows.  All of these alternatives keep kids entertained.

Laser lights are pretty inexpensive and can be found at several gas stations or Petco locations.  These are great replacements to sparklers that keep kids just as entertained. 

Another option is a piñata.  You don't need a birthday party as an excuse to fill up on candy.  Just make sure kids don't eat too much.  Hot dogs and candy aren't always the best combination.

If you're looking for some great recipes checkout this pin. This includes directions to make grilling delicacies like Honey Chicken Skewers With Grilled-Corn Salad. 

Another great recipe discovered via Pinterest was one for what I deemed as "Patriotic Strawberries".  They're chocolate covered strawberries with white chocolate and blue sprinkles, or blue-powdered sugar.

Finally this pin is great for keeping the kids entertained during their summer outings.  These includes several games, such as a water balloon toss.  This game is played by having kids get into teams and then attempting to toss water balloons into a bucket a player on the other end is holding.  It's highly entertaining since the kids generally get soaked.

Buckets can also be used for a water relay race in this game.

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