District Investigates Bizarre Arrest of Principal

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The Farmington School District launched an investigation Friday after the high school principal was arrested in a bizarre assault, authorities said.

Christopher Webb, 42, was arrested after police found him nude, armed with a knife and covered in blood while choking a woman, according to police records.

Webb faces charges of aggravated assault and domestic battery in the attack on Shannon Shrum, authorities said.

Shrum, who is a widow, and Webb co-own the home in Farmington where the violence took place, according to property records.

Farmington School Superintendent Bryan Law issued this statement Friday:

“I am currently out of the area and I will not return until this weekend. I have been informed of the allegations that have been brought against one of our staff members. At this point I cannot comment as I have not had the opportunity to look into these allegations. We will begin an investigation immediately.”

Police arrived at the Hydrangea Drive home early Thursday in response to a disturbance. They heard screaming from inside, went in and found a nude, bloody Webb with Shrum in a choke hold in the upstairs bathroom, a report states.

Officers found a dead black dog in the bathtub with its throat slit. There was blood on the floor, the stairs and a wall inside the home, the report says.

“It’s crazy, creepy, and scary,” said Farmington resident Luke Perkins said Friday.

“I just think that it’s a little wild,” another resident Harmony Brannon said.

Other residents sounded off about Webb's arrest.

“It’s just terrible for the kids. He’s a role model for them kids,” said Trevor Parker, a parent whose children attend school in West Fork.

“I don’t think he just like lost his mind one day,” said Brannon. “I’m sure there’s some things that are gonna come out that we weren’t expecting to hear about him."

Webb was still listed as principal at Farmington High School on the district's website.

"I do not believe he should be able to retain his position because that’s a position over kids, especially young impressionable children,” said Perkins.

If Webb stays in his job, parents said say they would feel uncomfortable.

"I would take them out of school,” Parker said of her children.

“I wouldn’t send them to the school,” resident Ace Deveres said.

According to the Washington County website, Christopher Webb still has not been booked into the jail.

A prayer vigil is set for 7 p.m. Sunday at the Farmington city ballparks.