Crews Begin Cleanup Following Storm Damage

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Storm damage rocked Benton County over the weekend, damaging homes and keeping residents busy with cleanup.

Garrett Small’s home in Bentonville was just one of many area houses with severe damage. A 100-year-old elm tree in Bentonville fell on Garrett Small’s house just above his children’s bedroom.

“Right over them. Luckily the other elm tree that you can see in the background stopped that tree and it just rested on the roof,” Small said.

Brown’s Tree Care in Bentonville received nine calls for tree removal on Sunday. That number ballooned to more than 40 on Monday.

“We’ve driven all around 300, 350 miles today, and there has been damage from Sulphur Springs, some portions of Bella Vista, Bentonville and Rogers,” said Cletus Wilkins, owner of Brown’s Tree Care.

Wilkins said the widespread damage will have his business occupied for at least the next month.

“We are backlogged until mid-September. We are going to be backlogged until October at this rate in a couple of days,” Wilkins said.

The Small family is staying with neighbors while workers remove the tree and repair the damage over the next few days.