‘Recession-Proof’ Bentonville, Proactive Marketing Campaign on The City Wire

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This weekend on The City Wire, the progression of our region, from potential jobs in the River Valley to the seemingly recession-proof City of Bentonville.

Mike Malone, the President of the Northwest Arkansas Council joins us to talk about the region’s new proactive, external marketing strategy to draw in businesses to the region.

Jobs could come to the River Valley after a company looks into placing a power line using wind mills from the Plains of Texas and Oklahoma east to Tennessee.

Bob McCaslin, the Mayor of Bentonville, credits his staff for their strong economic growth, but he says there’s more to his secret to success.

“We have a novel philosophy on that in Bentonville. We never spend as much as we take in,” Mayor McCaslin said. “So if only our federal government would get a grip on that we might have a different outlook right now.”