Fort Smith Man Chases Down Rape Suspect

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Fort Smith police recognized Jaime Montoya for his service Thursday night after officers say he helped chase down a rape suspect.

Montoya says his instincts took over on July 14, 2012. “You gotta do the right thing. I mean that's what it comes down to,” he said.

Montoya says he was headed home in downtown Fort Smith and found Ante Webb, 36, allegedly raping a woman. Webb reportedly took off. Montoya followed and called police.

“He bolted. I mean he took off super quick,” said Montoya.

Surveillance video shows Webb at Webby D’s earlier that night. Investigators believe Webb met the victim at the bar, walked her home, and allegedly raped her.

Montoya chased Webb about five blocks. According to a police report, officers found Webb near the intersection of North C and North 7th Street.

Chief Kevin Lindsey recognized Montoya for his bravery. “He did everything right and it's because of his intervention and follow up that we're able to actually find this person,” said Lindsey.

Investigators say Webb is also wanted for questioning in a murder out of Michigan. “This person was not a local person,” said Lindsey. “So we could have very well lost him.”

Montoya says other guys worked with him that night to try and stop Webb. He said, “There was no thought. I was just doing I mean he was doing wrong is what it come down to.”

Montoya says he hopes other would also chose to do the right thing.