Conservative Arkansas Endorses Candidates

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The political action committee Conservative Arkansas voted Saturday on candidates it is endorsing in the Nov. 6 general election.

The following candidates for the state General Assembly received the PAC’s endorsement. All are Republicans, except Mark Moore, an independent. (Republican Sue Scott and none of the Democrats responded to the PAC’s endorsement questionnaire, Conservative Arkansas officials said.) The opponents are listed in parenthesis. If no opponent is listed, the endorsed candidate is unopposed in November.

House District 62: Roger Delffs (Tommy Wren, D)
House District 65: Jeff Croswell (Tommy Thompson, D)
House District 84: Charlie Collins (Adella Gray, D)
House District 85: Paul Graham (David Whitaker, D)
House District 88: Randy Alexander (Edwin Sugg, D)
House District 95: Mark Moore (Sue Scott, R)
House District 97: Bob Ballinger (Robert Berry, D)

Conservative Arkansas endorsed the following in the May 22 primary elections and voted Saturday to endorse them again in November:

Senate District 1: Bart Hester
Senate District 7: Jon Woods (Diana Gonzales Worthen, D)
House District 80: Charlene Fite (Jack Norton, D)
House District 81: Justin Harris (Wolf Grulkey, D)

The endorsement votes Saturday occurred after a presentation in the Rogers Public Library by state Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, R-Little Rock. Speaking by Skype to a gathering of about 60 attendees, Hutchinson argued that state highway funding would be more fairly allocated if areas such as Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas with most of the state’s traffic received a larger portion of highway funding.

The presentation was jointly sponsored by Conservative Arkansas and the Washington County Tea Party.

Endorsements from Conservative Arkansas, whose executive director is Patsy Wootton of Springdale, were credited with helping several conservatives win primary elections in May.

For example, Conservative Arkansas endorsed Rep. Jon Woods, R-Springdale, over Sen. Bill Pritchard, R-Elkins, in District 7 and Bart Hester over Rep. Tim Summers, R-Bentonville, is newly created District 1.

The picture accompanying this blog post is of Wootton in Rogers Saturday at the presentation on highway funding.