3rd Graders Learn Reporting, Journalism Skills

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A class of Northwest Arkansas 3rd Graders at Elm Tree Elementary are after our jobs here at 5NEWS!

Mrs. Melissa Wise, the class's teacher said she found a way to tackle a core requirement and have a little TV fun at the same time.

"We're incorporating the common core standards where they have to record themselves electronically with technology and they have the write," Wise said. "I came up with this idea to incorporate this into my classroom and let them become school reporters."

These kids learned how to write stories; the who, what, why, when, and where. They turned the cameras on, did interviews on tape, and edited the clips together for the Elm Tree Elementary Wildcat News.

"For instance, this past week we had the Wildcat Welcome. Each group covered a different area. Like we had the sheriff's helicopter there. They had to come up with their own specific questions to ask in that area," Wise said.

Wise said she was nervous at first when she introduced it to the students and parents, but immediately they were on board with the idea.

The students will continue to report all your long on school-related functions, then they will make a video that will be for sale to parents at the end of the year.