Hogs Talk About Playing for Pride, Missing Opportunities and Auburn

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Pride is the only thing Arkansas has left to play for. At this point every story line becomes redundant. The offensive line can't establish a run game. Injuries have forced a lot of young guys to play on defense. No experience. No discipline. No fundamentals. So with all that, the only thing left to do is try to go beat Auburn.

"At this point, look yourself in the mirror, and know that what you do out on the field is at the best of your ability and you are going to be prideful in doing that," said Tyler Wilson. "Whoever you play for, if you play for yourself, if you play for your mom or your dad, whoever you play for, everybody plays for different reasons, but be prideful in it. That is all I have asked, and at this point it is what you have to ask yourself and everybody else."

The Hogs have a better shot at getting their second win on the year than many fans think. Auburn is struggling almost as much as Arkansas is. They are third to last in the country (117th) in total offense. However the Hogs offense has to score when they have their chances. All the missed opportunities at Texas A&M can’t happen if they want to beat Auburn.

" I don’t want to make excuses, but it’s consistency, it’s mistakes," said John L Smith. "Just like last week’s game. It’s 13-10 and we are driving down the field, going down to the 7-yard line, but a mistake of an alignment so we turn around and back up because of the penalty and then we throw a pick. You can’t do that. You have to keep it rolling against good football teams. It’s just consistency and mistakes."

Tyler Wilson echoed that. If Arkansas wants a chance to win at Auburn they have to capitalize in the redzone and not turn the ball over.

"It’s disappointing every week because you put a lot of work in and you keep working harder and harder each week to give yourself a little bit more of an advantage and then there is some disappointment sometimes. But, in the game, you are a competitor and you want to win. I think there is only one way I know how to work and that is to continue to work harder."

Auburn's offense has struggled to put up points and yards so this may be the week where the Hogs can gain some confidence on defense. With all the injuries in the secondary a lot of young guys have has to step up. Confidence becomes and issue once they give up a few big plays.

“It’s hard when you feel like you are letting the rest of the defense down," said defensive tackle Alfred Davis. "We talk about doing your 1/11. If I’m a defensive tackle, and they run lead in my gap, and they score a touchdown, I feel like I let down the other 10 guys on the field. That can be very hard, because those guys work beside you all week long, and they work very hard. For you to not do your job, it hurts and it’s frustrating, and I can see those guys getting distracted when they make mistakes like that.”

INJURY UPDATE: Head coach John L Smith also said that tight end Chris Gragg corner back Tevin Mitchel and safety Eric Bennett are all still not yet cleared to play.