Twister Flips RV, Smashes Garfield Garage

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A tornado tore through Benton County Saturday night, cutting a path of more than 12 miles from Cave Springs to Pea Ridge, hitting Garfield along the way.

The twister destroyed Anne Wamsley’s greenhouse, downed over a dozen of her trees, and mangled her tractor shed.

"There’s a hole in the roof of the house, there's a hole in the roof of the garage,” she said. “It blew my planting shed over, stripped the canopy off the camper, and blew the camper into the back of the wood working shop."

Wamsley’s neighbor, Gary Ingram, received similar damage on his property.

"It pushed these three big trees down, and they went right on top of the garage and just pushed it off and smashed the garage and took the roof off the shop building up front," Ingram said.

Ingram was able to save one of his most possessions.

"I had a convertible in there but we pushed it out before the building completely collapsed all the way down."

The tornado uprooted massive trees, leveled buildings and flipped over an RV. Wamsley described it as terrifying, an experience she never wants to experience ever again.

"A big limb fell on the roof and sounded like a grand piano. That really scared me,” Wamsley said. “I jumped up and got on the floor and grabbed the flashlight. It was terrifying."

And while cleanup has begun, Ingram said he is still in disbelief.

There is no official word yet on the cost of any of the damage in Garfield but Ingram and Wamsley both told 5NEWS they have insurance.