Flu Shot Clinics Begin in River Valley

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Health clinics across the state are giving free flu shots all week in an effort to keep you healthy.

Flu clinics in Northwest Arkansas kicked off earlier this week. But on Thursday hundreds of people lined up and rolled up their sleeves at the Emergency Management Center in Crawford County.

"You know there's a little discomfort anytime you get a shot, but overall it is not as painful getting the shot,” said Michelle Hammer, with the county’s health department.  “You may be a little sore afterward. Usually some Tylenol, ibuprofen will usually take care of that."

Getting your flu shot is a pretty quick process. But the form may slow you down. Officials suggest getting online to fill it out ahead of time.

The flu clinics are part of a statewide effort aimed to protect people against the common flu.

"Each year they make the vaccine based on incidences of disease and the strands that they've seen,” said Hammer. “So as it goes along each year they do add on the different strands they've seen."

The US Department of Health recommends that everyone six months and older gets a flu shot.

"Anyone that's the very old - or the very young - it's important that they get these flu shots,” said Dennis Gilstrap, emergency management.

Even though last year's flu season was the mildest on record, officials say it's better to be safe, than sorry.

"Last year we gave out about a little over 700,” Gilstrap said. “I think it was 720 shots last year and the year before it was a little higher than that. So, anyway, we've got plenty of vaccine out here."

The flu shots are free, all you need to take with you is your health insurance card.

To see a list of flu shot clinics across the state, click here.