Democratic and Republican Parties Make Final Campaign Pushes

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With Election Day a week from Tuesday, the Democratic and Republican parties are making a final campaign push.

Republicans gathered in Springdale Saturday at a fish fry put on by the political action committee Conservative Arkansas.

Tom Cotton, running in the 4th Congressional District against Democrat Gene Jeffress, addressed the crowd.

The 4th District doesn't include Springdale, but Cotton was in town energizing local Republicans with a message on the economy.

"First, Barack Obama has already added more debt in just four years than anyone else has added in their entire presidency, and second is a stagnant economy that`s not creating the kind of economic growth that we need for jobs all across Arkansas,” Cotton said.

Local Democrats told 5NEWS Saturday that they are focused on electing candidates who can go to the state capitol and push for economic measures that help Arkansans.

“We are focused in on Arkansans in Northwest Arkansas. Our delegation and our candidates when they go to Little Rock are going to be focused in on making sure we pass the grocery tax,” said Tyler Clark, Washington County Democrat Party chairman. “We are going to afford health care.”

Cotton told Republicans at the fish fry he anticipates a strong showing for GOP candidates statewide on Nov. 6.

“Well, hopefully, I am going to win my seat in the 4th District, which includes a lot of Northwest Arkansas now, places like Madison County and Crawford County, and if I win that then we will have all four congressional seats, and I think it's looking very good for the Republicans to win majorities in both the state House and the state Senate,” Cotton said.

The Washington County Democratic chairman said his party's candidates, if elected, can help Gov. Mike Beebe in Little Rock carry out his plans as he wraps up his time in office.

“I think people should know about Arkansas Democrats,” Clark said. “The candidates that we have running for the state House and state Senate, they are devoted to ensuring that Mike Beebe has a successful two years left of his term. We are devoted to the people of Arkansas and don`t answer to corporate conglomerates and fear mongering individuals.”

Early voting is under way but ends Nov. 5.

In addition to local races and the presidential election, the state's four congressional districts and all 135 General Assembly seats are up for grabs.