Group Opposing Benton County Liquor Sales Lists Officers

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The group fighting a Nov. 6 ballot measure that would allow retail alcohol sales in Benton County has filed a Statement of Organization with the Arkansas Ethics Commission, naming its officers and committee.

Citizens United To Preserve Benton County submitted the paperwork Oct. 18, identifying John Gore of Bentonville as director, Monte Gagliardi of Rogers as secretary and Bonnie Trumbo of Rogers as treasurer. (Gore is pictured with this story in a photograph taken during at recent taping at the 5NEWS studio in Fayetteville.)

The six members of the group’s committee are Carol Hayslip, Marcia Cothran, Jan Umbaugh, Kathleen Davis, Linda Gagliardi and Dolly Harvey.

The group, which Gore says only formed about two months ago, did not raise enough money to file an October financial statement with the commission. However, Gore said the group is raising money now in an effort to get its message out before the election a week from Tuesday.

Keep Dollars In Benton County, which is pushing for retail alcohol sales, has raised more than $500,000 since early this year, with the majority of that coming from Tom and Steuart Walton, who are Sam Walton’s grandsons.