Political Masks are All the Rage for Halloween

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With the election right around the corner, you can bet many people are electing to show their true feelings about the candidates at Halloween parties.

But you can mask your feelings by heading to Halloween Express.

Political masks are always popular during an election year.

Angela Lemke, the manager of Halloween Express, says, "We've got Mitt and Barack. We have Hillary and Bill, and we even have Nixon."

Halloween Express has plenty of great ideas to sink your teeth into.

The customers come out of the woodwork this time of year to search for costumes with a political slant.

College students have been buying the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney masks.

In mask sales, it appears Obama is the runaway winner.

He has more masks, even if they're not all supportive of the Democratic side.

There's even a mask called Baracula, which is Obama as Dracula.

Halloween Express is located in Fayetteville, right off College Avenue, and in Fort Smith.