Oklahoma Sheriff Candidates Discuss Goals

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Early voting starts Friday in Oklahoma.

Democrat Rob Seale and Republican Billy Shropshire are running for sheriff in LeFlore County.

“I've got several years of supervising a large sheriff's department, working with a budget,” said Shropshire.

If elected Shropshire wants to put computers in patrol cars, make sub stations out of volunteer fire departments, and shorten response time.

“I want to divide the county up into at least six areas, assign the officers a specific area that they stay in all the time,” said Shropshire.

Seale spent more than two decades working at the Poteau Police Department. “I stayed here to serve the citizens of LeFlore County for 21 years,” he said. “I don’t skip around to different places.”

If elected, Seale plans to make deputies more visible.

“I believe that making those deputies more present in the rural areas where they need to be at is going to be a crime deterrent,” said Seale.

Incumbent Democrat Ron Lockhart and Republican Larry Lane are running for sheriff in Sequoyah County.

“We need true honest leadership. I've always been the kind of officer that lead by example,” said Lane.

Lane worked for the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Department, Sallisaw Police Department, and the district attorney’s office.

“I am not a politician,” said Lane. “I’ve never been in an election. He’s been through eight. I’m just a hard working regular old officer.”

Current Sheriff Lockhart says he implemented a night shift, started a DARE program, and purchased new vehicles that did not cost taxpayers money.

“We've arrested more people for narcotics in this county in the last four years than eight years prior,” said Lockhart.

Lockhart says he also saved the county money. “For the last two years I’ve saved over $400,000 a year just in the jail,” said Lockhart.

Each candidate says they are ready for Election Day.