Keep It Local: Cold Weather Fishing on Lake Elmdale

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Now that the weather is getting colder, many people have put away their fishing poles and tackle boxes until the spring.

But for those who live to fish, there are some tips that can help you haul them in if you're lucky!

Lucky Key is the country smooth operator of ''Duck Camp'' on Lake Elmdale.

He's been fishing in Northwest Arkansas for 25 years and delivers fishing reports for a local radio show.

"They will start forging and feeding pretty plentiful in the fall. They know the water temprature is going to get colder, the food sources are going to be lesser and they've got to store up a little fat to hibernate their way through the winter."

If you're bass fishing, here are a few tricks on the trade to stay lucky even after the lake has turned over.

Key says, "I think right now if I was going to go out and do some serious bass fishing I'd first throw a spinner bait. The spinner bait works well it's a real good active time right now. The bass need to get their temprature just right. It tells them they need to go into their normal feeding pattern."

If you've got a little time on the weekends, and it's not too cold, stop by Duck Camp at Lake Elmdale.

"In the cold of winter a bass only feeds one time a day. So don't get out there early. Make your fishing trip start at about 10 in the morning to about 2 in the afternoon. The warmer temprature is going to be better for you and better for the fish when the water warmps just a little bit," says Key.

This winter Lucky is going to keep the Bait Shop closed, but if you've got the bait and just can't wait, remember these tips and be lucky on the lake!

Lake Elmdale is located just west of the Elm Springs Exit off I-540.

If you don't have a boat, you can fish off the dock at Lucky's Duck Camp for only 6 dollars per person.