Breast Milk Doll Wins Award, but Comes with Controversy

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Tammy Vigil, KDVR reporting

We’ll soon see endless TV commercials about the hottest toys for your holiday shopping list. But one new doll is raising eyebrows for how it mimics a very natural part of motherhood, according to a report from our sister station KDVR in Denver.

It’s called the Breast Milk Baby. It has sold millions in Europe, but only 5,000 in the U.S. last year.

Its makers hope their second attempt here is much more successful–now that they’ve got more support and endorsements.

There are dolls that crawl. Dolls that go to the bathroom. Even one that gives birth. But the Breast Milk Baby, made by Berjuan Toys, is feeding some controversy.

Children slip on a little top with petal appliqués at the nipples, which have sensors that set off a suckling noise when the doll’s mouth touches it.

A child therapist says the doll is more than a toy–it has adult-like implications. Click here to read the full story on KDVR's website.