Elkins Cross Country Wins 5th Straight State Title

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Coming into the season no one thought the Elkins Boys Cross Country team would win their fifth straight state title.

"It was as sweet as the first title we won." Said Coach Beverly Mabry.  "So many people in the community didn`t think we could win.  They told me after winning last year that I better enjoy it because it`s the last one we were going to win."

Even once the season was underway people still didn't believe the team had what it took to win another state championship.  With a group of senior leaders and a strong bunch of freshman the boys pulled together and proved all the naysayers wrong.

"It was exciting." Said Freshman Curtis Williams.  "Before the freshman came up people didn`t think we could win another state championship.  We proved them wrong."

"I didn`t think we could win it because we lost our best runners last year." Said Freshman Michael Harris.  "We actually came through and I got 4th place it was exciting."

With a lot of freshman on the team it was important that the boys work together in order to accomplish their goals

"Teamwork was the biggest thing we talked about this year." Said Senior Ben Goodknight.  "We went out there and told them what to do.  They listened to us and they taught us things we needed to know."

"We were a really close family." Said Freshman Connor Daniel.  "We had a lot of fun, but I think our closeness is what helped us with our fifth state title."

The boys have a few weeks off to rest their legs, but will get right back to training for their sixth straight state title after Thanksgiving break.