Arkansas Defense Talks About Stopping Mississippi State

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Defensive Coordinator Paul Haynes:

  1. Miss St. QB has 17 TDs and 4 interceptions on the year. Haynes knows he controls that team, and he is making good decisions in game to give them the chance to win.
  2. Returning starting running back for Miss St. but Haynes knows they will use all three backs that they have.  Not only do they run the ball well but all can catch and help the pass game.
  3. Miss St leading receiver is exciting to watch and a big play maker for the team. Need to contain him from big plays.
  4. Zach Hocker is a huge help to the defense with touchbacks on kickoffs. Really benefits the defense to get ready for the plays to come.


Cornerback Kaelon Kelleybrew:

  1. The team has grown quite a bit in dealing with all the adversity this season.  They are a stronger family and team because of it.
  2. Kelleybrew enjoys being the returner, the critical thinking skills it takes.
  3. Kelleybrew feels comfortable returning punts, after doing it in High School and during practice all year, he is ready.


Defensive Lineman Alfred Davis:

  1. All of their focus is on Miss St. not worried about a bowl game at the moment.
  2. The defense has grown and come together with all the injuries.  Rather have injuries early in the year than later to get the younger players the experience.