Tontitown Stores Ready for Sunday Alcohol Sales

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Stores in Tontitown will soon sell alcohol on Sunday. Voters approved Sunday alcohol sales on Election night.

“There's a lot of people that has been coming in for a long time wanting something on Sunday and we weren't able to sell it to them,” said Cathy Straight, a cashier at Braich Arrow Express in Tontitown.

Straight believes Sunday sales will keep tax dollars in Tontitown.

“Well, I'm hoping we'll be busier,” she said. “A lot of people are gonna come here instead of going to Tulsa or Oklahoma to get it.”

Benton County voters approved retail alcohol sales. Springdale voters also approved Sunday liquor sales.

“There's no sense in us being left out,” said Tontitown Alderman Henry Piazza. “We'll get a little revenue off of it which we desperately need.”

Tontitown Mayor Tommy Granata told 5NEWS the new ordinance will not take effect until 30 days after all of the votes have been counted.

Piazza says people he talked to support Sunday sales. “Well we had nobody come to the council meeting complaining,” he said.

Piazza hopes revenue from Sunday sales will help Tontitown make improvements. “I'll go into the general fund and Lord knows we got a lot of roads that needs fixing,” he said.

Straight is ready for Sunday sales to start. “I was hoping that it would be sooner than later,” she said.

Tontitown residents also approved off and on premise alcohol sales on Sunday, which means you can buy alcohol at restaurants and in stores.

An alderman we spoke with says he also hopes revenue from Sunday sales will help make improvements at the city’s park.