Arkansas Basketball Wants to Improve Rebounding Sunday Night

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Coaches always say they want to see the most improvement from game one to game two. For Arkansas basketball it means becoming a better rebounding team. That's what everyone will be watching for in game number two Sunday night against Longwood.

Arkansas got out rebounded bad in the opener by Sam Houston State, almost by a 2/1 ratio.

The team echoed the importance of rebounding Thursday.

 Note: Sophomore BJ Young will return after being suspended the last two games for violating team rules.

Head Coach Mike Anderson:

  1. Having BJ back will be great, he is a vital part of the team and they have been all working together for awhile now.
  2. Rebounding is being greatly emphasized and expect to see a drastic improvement.
  3. The rebounding is the number one concern for everyone on the team. With a small team everyone including the guards will have to rebound.
  4. Longwood has a couple good shooters and they will come out to play hard but Anderson wants the team to use this game to really improve on themselves and hopes that fatigue becomes an advantage.


Guard Rickey Scott:

  1. Expect the team to be more aggressive on rebounds and much more physical in the post.
  2. The team doesn't watch much film on teams but Scott knows Longwood will come to play hard.


Guard Mardracus Wade:

  1. The team went through a simulated game yesterday and they were able to work on a lot of stuff and really improve on their game.
  2. Having BJ back is great, it really makes the other team focus on him and when double team he can dish it out to a good shooter


Foward Marshawn Powell:

  1. Everyone has to rebound, cant be one or two guys, everyone has to box out.