Benton County Election Commission Discusses Changes

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The Benton County Election Commission met Friday to talk strategy after what some are calling an “election disaster.”

While the group didn’t make any decisions on definite changes, they did discuss changes that would shorten lines and eliminate some of the problems they had this year, election officials said.

This year the county eliminated 20 precincts, slowing down the voting process and creating crowds, according to voters.

The election commission talked about adding more precincts for the next election.

They also addressed the issue of paper ballots. On Nov. 6, they ran out and election officials were forced to drive to Fort Smith to pick paper to print more.

"We’ll go back in there and make a list of those precincts and look at the orders for things," John Brown, Benton County Election Commission Chairman said.

The chairman says he hopes to have the changes implemented by the 2014 election.