Businesses Can Begin Selling Alcohol This Sunday

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Springdale businesses can start selling Sunday retail alcohol for the first time Nov. 25, according to the city’s attorney.

The Washington County Election Commission certified its votes Tuesday from the Nov. 6 general election. Among the certified votes was Springdale’s alcohol measure, which passed 52 percent to 48 percent.

The measure, which passed by almost 600 votes, allows the retail sale of alcohol on Sundays.

The election commission mailed certifications to the cities concerning their individual voting measures and candidates. The certifications are procedural and make the voting results official, said Jennifer Price, Washington County election coordinator.

Tontitown also passed Sunday alcohol sales measures, which included serving and packaged sales.

Liquor and convenience store owners don’t need to take extra steps to start selling on Sundays.

“If they already have an authorized permit to sell for off-premise consumption, which is what the liquor stores and convenient stores have, then they won’t need any other permit at all,” Harper said.

The vote went to the public after almost 1,600 signatures from registered voters were submitted to the city clerk.

For those who might want to open up a new liquor store, those people still need to request a permit through the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Division.

“To apply for regular off-premises sales they’ll have to do all of that to the ABC, that’s being taken up through them,” Harper said.

According to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, there are 44 liquor permits in Springdale.