Local Pastor Hopes to Make it Big with Deer Hunting Product

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A local pastor is about to go nationwide!

He has faith in a product he's developed called "Ground Grunt."

Deer hunting may never be the same.

Five years ago, Pastor David Jackson started tinkering with an idea that could change the way deer hunting is done.

"It's basically a product that I patented that houses a grunt call."

But not any old grunt call from up in a tree blind. This one is down to the earth you might say.

"The grunt call is lowered down the tree. It separates the grunt call from the caller. It allows the hunter to activate the grunt call without disclosing your location."

Before hunters would blow their grunt call up in a blind, and the deer would look up and scatter. Now the grunt is down on their level.

"You basically blow in the tube and the air is transmitted through a tuned chamber which we have patented which is the Grunt Call and it sounds. It's unnatural to hear a deer grunt up the in tree. That's why we've subtitled this the down to earth call."

The idea has already sparked a big interest with Arkansas hunters. He's already sold several hundred off his website, and is in talks with a big manufacturer that would mass produce the product.

Being a pastor is his number one calling, but Grunt Technologies runs a close second.

"We basically figured out what it would take to put all of the parts together. In an evening, we can make eight or ten of these. We're hoping it'll explode where I can bring my son to Northwest Arkansas and create a few more jobs in Northwest Arkansas."

Grunt calls have been around for a long time, but "Ground Grunt" elevates expectations by lowering the sound to the ground.

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