Police Chasing Down Suspect In Rogers Stabbing

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Police identified a suspect they say may have stabbed a man Sunday in Rogers.

The identification of a suspect comes a day after police released the name of the alleged stabbing victim. Jacob Merriman, 25, was walking outside the apartment complex at 808 E. Post Road in Rogers when he got into a fight with an unknown male suspect, according to the Rogers Police Department.

Police would not release the suspect’s name, and said they had not yet located him. The Rogers Police Department was low on manpower Tuesday because of officers assisting Bentonville police in a homicide investigation.

Merriman received multiple lacerations to his face and abdomen during the physical altercation, according to a statement released by Rogers police Monday afternoon.

Merriman was transported to Northwest Medical Center in Bentonville, where he remains in stable condition.

The suspect fled the scene before police could arrive at about 6 p.m. The investigation is ongoing, police said.

“Lots of cops, they’ve had the whole street blocked off, lights everywhere and an ambulance,” said neighbor Angel McLallen. “A guy got taken away in a stretcher, kids said they heard somebody fighting. They haven’t told us a lot but I know the guy hasn’t been caught yet.”

“That does shock me because I don’t feel very comfortable with an environment with stabbings going on it because there’s a lot of kids and that’s very unsafe,” said neighbor Steven Boak.