5NEWS Fit: Healthy Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

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Fitness trainer Gabby Mooney with G-Fit says she encourages her clients to cheat on their diets this Thanksgiving. She says it helps avoid a diet buster.

Gabby says you should avoid cheating the entire months of November and December as you prepare for the holidays, eat light turkey rather than dark, and only small portions of dessert.

After the wishbone is pulled though, how do you resist all those leftovers?

It's simple. Use some of those leftovers and transform them into healthy meals.

First, Gabby says forget about the desserts. Don’t even think about them! Instead, load up on all those leftover vegetables for a snack and use your turkey to build a wrap.

Turkey wrap:

Use a flat leaf of lettuce for your wrap then slice up your lean turkey. Gabby likes to add whole wheat hummus, red onion, green peppers or any vegetable of your choice.

It’s a great meal and low on calories.