Bird Dogs Compete For National Title In Logan County

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Families from across the country are at Blue Mountain in Logan County this week for a national dog competition.

"These people, they love it," Ken Windom, with the American Brittany Club, said. "They love the breed. They love what the Brittany is. They love the comradery and the competition. And they just keep coming back. Year, after year, after year."

A total of 40 Brittany dogs, which are a type of spaniel, are competing to be crowned national champion at the American Brittany Club's National Amateur Field Championship.

"We put two dogs down at a time for an hour," Windom said. "There are three judges. And the judges will evaluate the dogs' performance."

The dogs are judged based on several factors, including it's ability to find game, handle the game and respond to his or her handler.

Tom and Margaret White are letting their 3-year-old dog, Franny, compete for the first time this year.

"We're kind of just curious as to see how she'll do," Margaret White said. "Our dogs come from the west and the grounds there are a lot different than the ones here. So she'll have to learn to navigate them as she goes."

This is the 26th year the championship has been held at Blue Mountain.

The competition wraps up at Blue Mountain on Thursday.

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