Jessica Dorrell Returns to Fundraising in South Carolina

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Former Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino was still searching for a job as of press time. He’s been linked to a number of openings in college football and even had family and friends lobbying in the press on his behalf.

Petrino — for all his faults — figures to land a job somewhere. He’s too good of a football coach to stay unemployed for long, and in the multibillion-dollar industry of college athletics, a good football coach can generate lots of revenue.

So somebody will be willing to overlook the sins of Petrino, which included hiring his mistress to a football staff position at Arkansas and then lying that Jessica Dorrell was a passenger with him in an April 1 motorcycle crash. In addition to hiring Dorrell at a salary of $55,000, Petrino gave her a $20,000 cash gift.

What, though, is happening with Dorrell, who seemed to be on the way to a promising career of her own before joining the football staff and going on an ill-fated joy ride with Petrino?

Arkansas Business has learned that Dorrell, 25, is now in South Carolina working for the South Carolina Association of School Administrators. Click here to read the full story.