Arkansas Coaching Search- The “Wishful Thinking” List

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A new rumor flies around every day with the Arkansas coaching search. Some are legit, others are downright ridiculous. The good news is Arkansas looks very close to making a deal for a head coach. With all the names you hear out there right now you may find it hard to keep them all straight. So 5NEWS is making three lists for you.

The first list is called the “Wishful Thinking” list, the guys who would be home run hires for Arkansas that have already been mentioned in some capacity. They are: Chris Petersen from Boise State Gary Patterson from TCU, Mike Gundy from Oklahoma State, and we'll throw in Chip Kelly from Oregon just for giggles. The first two guys on the wishful thinking list, Chris Petersen Boise State, Gary Patterson TCU; Bo Mattingly from Sports Talk Radio breaks it down.

Bo on Chris Petersen:

“Chris Petersen is a homerun hire by anybody's estimation if you can get him. It's always been really difficult to lure him from Boise State. Some are hoping that all the changes with college football in 2014 and what conference Boise is in would leave Chris Petersen thinking, 'We really aren't in the picture here. Maybe I need to go to a better conference'. But he could probably name his job if it’s available, maybe even Texas not too far down the road.”

 Bo on Gary Patterson:

“Obviously Gary Patterson would be a homerun hire for many reasons including his ability to evaluate talent and develop it much like Bobby Petrino did. But can you get him from TCU? He's been there 12 years. He's invested in the program. They are going to make it very emotionally difficult for him to leave.”

The “Wishful Thinking” List continues with Mike Gundy and Chip Kelly on 5NEWS at 10 on Tuesday.

Later- the “Realistic Candidates” list and the “Don’t Be Surprised” list.