5NEWS Fit: Lower Body Workout

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Still trying to squeeze into your old favorite jeans?

Fitness trainer Gabby Mooney with G-Fit shows us some exercise moves to help you tone your legs and backside, especially that portion where it's difficult to shed the pounds.

Although we're working your legs, Gabby says to hold five pound weights to feel the burn a little bit better.

For the first move, balance the weights on your shoulders with your hands and squat all the way down to the ground. Stand up then repeat. Do three sets of ten.

Next is the plie squat. Take your feet wide. When you squat, Gabby says to make sure your knees don't bend over your toes. You want to be parallel when you squat then squeeze and stand. Do three sets of ten.

The next move is the chair step-up, kick-back.
With weights in hand, step onto the chair then slowly kick your leg back. Gabby says to keep your foot flexed then step back down on the ground. You'll switch legs and repeat.
Do 20 sets on both legs.

Gabby says to do these moves three days a week and you'll be zipping up those old jeans in no time!