Coaching Rumors Are Brutal To Sift Through

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If the past six days have been anything, they have been comical when it comes to the Arkansas coaching search.

The reports and rumors that have been “leaked” and even published on websites and newspapers across the country are outlandish and show just how the world has changed. Gone is the thought of being the one to report the news. What has arrived is the thought of being the first to report the news, no matter if it is right.

The Les Miles story is a prime example. We found out this afternoon (Wednesday) that Miles was contacted by the University of Arkansas. We also found out that he was not offered a five year, $27.5 million dollar contract. Talks never got out of the gate, let alone about dollar figures. Rumors of big name coaches will always pop up, and for good reason. But not every coach will leave the NFL in the middle of the night to take a college job.

Naturally the rumors of Jon Gruden or Pete Carroll of Mike Tomlin or Bill Cowher are just preposterous. Those four, or any other big name NFL coach (or former coach) are not going to take over the Hogs. Yes, it’s fun to think about but it’s time to move on.

The real problem that is going to arise from all these grumblings is whoever athletics director Jeff Long hires, there will be some circles complain with the following statement:

            “We could have gotten (insert NFL coach name here) and we had to settle for (insert name of new coach here)? Are you kidding me?”

Arkansas was a major job opening in April. It was a gigantic opening in August. Now? I’m not sure it’s in the top four of its own division.

The Razorbacks will always have the potential and resources to compete on a yearly basis and could be a top five program. But can they be a top five program every year? No, they cannot.

That isn’t a knock on the Hogs or a shot at the state or administration. It’s college football. You can count with two fingers who’s a top five program every year. 1. Alabama. 2 Oregon. And that will likely change in the next few seasons.

So in the next week or 10 days do yourself and your twitter followers a favor. Before you retweet a rumor or a blog, think if it could actually happen. Not that you want it to happen but if you can see it happen.

You won’t see me throwing any Bill Belichik to the Hogs rumors out there. Though the cutoff sleeved sweatshirt that he wears could be called anthracite…