Police: Man Said Stolen Car Was Unlocked

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A Springdale man faces a felony charge of motor vehicle theft after he told police he got in the car and drove after it was parked, unlocked, on his street for a week.

Alexson John, 21, was arrested by Springdale police after an officer said he saw a Hondo Accord leave Club Congo in Springdale with its headlights off Saturday night. The officer said in a preliminary police report he followed the vehicle and discovered it had been reported stolen.

During the time he was following the car, the officer said the headlights were turned on and the car made several turns, the report said.

When a backup unit arrived, the officer pulled the vehicle over and identified the driver as John, the report said. There were four other men in the car with John, the report said.

John told the officer the car had been parked on Kay Sue Drive, where he lives in an apartment, the report said. The report said John told the officer the car was unlocked so he opened the door and found the car keys inside, but he didn’t know to whom the car belonged.

The report said John planned to return the car after leaving Club Congo but became afraid when he saw police cars across the street.

John has a bond amount of $3,500 and has a Dec. 31 court date, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office website.