Holiday Decoration Explosion

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If you're just now pulling out the holiday decorations and attempting to finally get that tree put up, you're weeks behind. Well, according to Ruthie Burkett's calendar.
She has all of her decorations put up and showed them off to the entire town Sunday for Logan County's Annual Christmas Tour of Homes.

"When I put these up, I don't just look at them as just tinsel and holly," Burkett said.

To Burkett, her decorations are memories.

"These are the decorations we had when the boys were little," Burkett said.

Even though Burkett's children are now grown and have children of their own, that hasn't stopped her from putting up the decorations year after year.

But even with a house stuffed with Santas and cupboards full of decorated dishes, Burkett keeps searching year-round for something special to add to her collection.

"Of course you switch things up," explained Burkett. "You add a new tree or you find a new little treasure somewhere."

With the stockings hung, it's officially the holiday season for the Burketts.

"Just find the red and the green that puts you in a good mood," Burkett said. "Just go outside and start cutting the pine and cedar and holly and that puts you in a good mood. You cant be a scrooge if you do that."

All that's left is wrapping the presents and putting them under the tree.

"I play a game with all of the grandkids," shared Burkett. "They pick the first present they want to open. And after they've opened it, there's a little clue to lead them to which present they get to open next. And then inside that present, there's another clue. And so on. It's just something special that they look forward to."

Burketts' home was one of three decorated homes featured in the Christmas tour. The owners all  volunteered to take part in the tour. Organizers also put the Coal Miner's Museum on display for the holiday season. 

"We're just really excited to have the people of the greater community come out, take a look at some gorgeous homes and raise money for the museum," said Jeanne Reynolds, who works at the Logan County Museum.

The tour is an annual fundraiser for the Logan County Museum.

Other parts of the state are also spreading the Christmas Cheer and having their own Holiday Tour of Homes.